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Gain in efficiency with data exchange within the supply chain

  • Case study
2 minutes

Read all about the perfect example of efficiency gains using data exchange in the supply chain.

This case study will reveal what challenges a grid operator had to keep up with the energy transition and how Linked Data helped in getting the job done.

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Case study

Laces Actively Involved in ILS Configurator

Suppose you work with several engineering parties on a large construction, like an office building. And for this, you have to share information from multiple sources. How do you do that efficiently? The agreements that define which person should transfer which information in which way are laid down in information delivery specifications (ILS in Dutch). […]


The way to make your master data FAIR

According to the FAIR principles, data should be as Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable as possible. These principles were created because data is becoming more complex and produced faster, and we are becoming increasingly dependent on it. And perhaps most importantly, organizations need agreements and protocols to collaborate through data exchange. But the big question […]


Find out why Distributed Data Management is your new best friend

Do you want to make fewer mistakes and lose less time processing and sharing data? This is your lucky day! You’re just a white paper away from your goal.