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Laces is easy to use, even for non-IT and non-data specialists

Laces liberates you: no vendor lock-in, fully compliant with open standards. Your data is yours and as you want it.

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Laces Data Platform

Store data in the cloud as a cohesive whole and share it securely with anyone you choose. Find out how Linked Data improves software interoperability.

Laces Standards Manager

Convert written specifications into reusable sets of structured data using our advanced NLP. Reduce overheads by efficiently managing these libraries.

Laces Ontology Manager

Standardize exchange and meaning of data to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of how it is applied.

Laces Blueprint Manager

Reduce costs by effective management of data models, improving their accessibliltiy to others, and facilitating data exchange between databases and applications.

Laces Fetch

Custom configuration of Laces integrations for any desired web application. Realize specific use cases based on Linked data.

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Semantic modeler

“The very best thing about Laces for me is the compliance to (open) standards”


BIM Engineer

“Laces allows me to connect object and requirement libraries with other reference data libraries. By speaking the same language, easy digital collaboration is then possible. As a result, costs in the construction process are reduced as fewer mistakes are made”


Consultant & Projectleader

“In my experience, at Laces everything is developed based on knowledge and facts and not on a feeling or a commercial drive”