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Laces Fetch

Custom configuration of Laces integrations for any desired web application. Realize specific use cases based on Linked data.

I want a demo!

Define your own queries instead of using fixed and rigid services.

Build your own add-ons on top of this freeware.

Suitable for every application manager and programmer.

Current situation

Building specific functionality on top of existing applications you use is often custom work performed from scratch. For example, user interfaces to bring in data from outside, to be able to select and edit it.

Consequence: creating add-ons to existing software often has to be done from scratch and can therefore be highly expensive.

“Connect any web application”

Desired situation

In order to use data from external sources in your application, additional functionality is sometimes needed. Adding add-ons to the software you use to use Linked Data for a specific application is something you want to accomplish at the lowest possible effort.

From whom

Application managers configure add-ons for each web application with LacesFetch. So for this you don’t need programmers (anymore).

Laces Data Platform resources for every step of the way