Integrate, collaborate integrally

  • The ultimate step toward mutual data use in an ecosystem
  • Maximize gains in time, money, effectiveness and quality
  • Facilitate applications that are not otherwise feasible


The ambition extends beyond making your data available to third parties. There is enough mutual interest to make key agreements with (chain) partners on how to use each other's information. After all, it is information about the same "things". However, using each other's data still leads to problems. 

Together with some partners you want to take the initiative to make key agreements about the meaning and exchange of data. Together with these partners, you want to take a leadership role in making information smarter in your industry. As far as we are concerned, making these key agreements towards the future is the logical vision to handle information smartly. 

Limitations of current situation

Is your data intelligently structured smartly (ambition 1) and easily accessible for use (ambition 2) in the current situation? Then as an organization you are very far along in the field of data management. Yet even this situation has limitations. Making your data accessible ensures that third parties can easily apply your information. However, this is still not a solution for when you want to use other people's data yourself.

Consequence: when applying third-party data, you still run into limitations. Are these limitations also experienced by others? Then the mutual interest arises in coming to agreements about this.

Data integreren


Desired situation

With partners, you reach consensus on meaning of things and easily link each other's information. This is infinitely scalable and replaces physically transporting information back and forth forever.
The result is gains in time, money, effectiveness and quality, and it facilitates applications that would not otherwise be possible or profitable.

"Organizations that have this ambition are absolute frontrunners, the boosters within a chain."


For whom?

Organizations that have this ambition are absolute frontrunners, the drivers within a chain. Driven by social interest or commercial gain, always with the conviction that making key agreements regarding data is an absolute must. This makes it possible to achieve gains in time and money and to launch initiatives that would otherwise not be feasible. As a result, organizations can optimally focus on their core business and delivering added value. Allow data to help you innovate instead of frustrating developments.

Recognizable? Do you agree with the following statement? "In terms of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, there is still much to be gained. Especially if we are willing to make agreements with each other." Then there is breeding ground to get started on this ambition.

"OK, clear, but how?"


Determine the starting point

How and with what to start depends on the current situation. For example, are there already initiatives that you would like to link up with or are you at the beginning of making joint agreements fot data exchange? 

Either way, the absolute prerequisite is to see the need and/or the enormous potential of this. 

"In terms of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, there is still much to be gained. Especially if we are willing to make agreements with each other"

Laces Suite


Laces Suite

The Laces Suite applications provide your organization with the tools to get started. From the smart structuring of data to the optimal exchange of information.

All with the goal of maintaining information in one place and being able to (re)use it flawlessly in any place and manner desired. Of course you remain in charge of your own data and you determine who has access to the published information under what conditions. By embracing open standards, this definitively takes the step that data is always the starting point and not specific software. This greatly reduces the so-called vendor lock-in, both for yourself and for your partners.

Our advice: take the initiative and take the lead. 

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