Make data the driver for your innovation

  • Gain efficiency in data management and reuse
  • Make information easily applicable to others
  • Accessible mixing of (public) data sources

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Ambition 1

Structure: "Make your data smart"

Data is mostly stored in separate documents and different databases. As a result, it is difficult to search for and there is a lack of interconnection. With Laces, you make data as smart as you are, search all data as a whole, and find the right meaningful information quickly.

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Ambition 2

Publish: "Make your data available"

Data is often scattered across and locked into different systems. This makes efficient data sharing practically impossible. With Laces, you manage all data from one place in the cloud and let internal teams, or even all relevant partners, use your data in their own tools.

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Ambition 3

Integrate: "Collaborate integrally"

Cooperation based on mutual agreement, or interoperability, is difficult to organize. Partly because data is locked up in data silos. With Laces you break through this and facilitate integral collaboration within your team, company or even the entire chain. Save time and money while creating new opportunities.

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Why choose Laces?

The future-proof SaaS solution if you want to use your own and others' data in a smarter manner.


Build your own semantic web

With Laces Apps, you can capture specific information very efficiently. As a result, the data becomes smart and can be used very effectively by others. The user-friendly apps are great for both IT departments and domain experts.


Publish Linked Data clouds

Information managers share smart data through LacesHub with their teams, the entire organization or even the entire ecosystem. Embrace open standards and enable others to use your information in their own applications. With LacesHub, you always retain control.


Provide tools with actionable data

Application managers use LacesFetch to ensure that data from various sources becomes usable in any web application. Easily configure add-ons that act as interfaces between LacesHub and desired applications. Quickly and at low cost.

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