Structure, make your data smart

  • Reduce data usage errors
  • Quickly find the information you are looking for
  • Capture knowledge smartly for infinite reuse


The short-term ambition for data management within your organization is to make the information, stored in documents, more findable. This is an important and good step. The long-term ambition for data management goes further. Within your organization, there is support for and recognition of the importance of organizing data differently to how it is done now. Will you choose a solution that only fulfills the short-term ambition or is the answer for the long-term ambition right away too? Make this choice very consciously.

Limitations of current situation

Information is in documents and in different places and is therefore not searchable as a whole. Data is not always carefully filled in and the meaning of information can vary from system to system, or even within a system. So you are far from being able to find what you are looking for and trust what you find.

Consequence: a lot of time is lost in finding the right information and fixing errors. This is a shame! You want to make the best use of the people in your organization based on their expertise and domain knowledge. Searching for information and repeatedly entering the same data gets in the way of this.


Structureer, maak data slim


Desired situation

Together, you manage a lot of information within an organization. Ensure that domain experts capture knowledge once and that it is suitable for infinite reuse. This provides a huge boost in productivity and quality. You want to be sure that the result of a search for information is always complete, correct and fast. Who, how, where, in what form or application the information is to be used should not matter. Only then will your data be smart and deliver major benefits in time and efficiency.


"We don't have enough professionals for the work that's coming our way, we really need to organize things differently"


For whom?

You might say: for whom not? After all, in any organization, effective data management is a major challenge. Of course, there must be a sufficient sense of urgency to want to make gains here. This can be from the here and now (for example: we work with so many documents, it is almost impossible to get through them) or from the vision of the future (we have too few professionals for the work that is coming our way, we really need to organize our knowledge differently). The need for this will also increasingly arise outside the organization (for example: clients demanding standardization in data exchange). 

So basically for anyone who reuses information from documents and separate files on a large scale and has problems doing so. And sees that challenge only growing in the future.

"OK, clear, but how?"


Determine the starting point

Of course, this depends entirely on the current situation. Do you work with a lot of documents and want to make their relevant information easier to find? Are different systems being used and not communicating sufficiently with each other? Want to stop maintaining data in multiple places? 

Whatever specific issues you have, the foundation is structuring data (master data). Of course with the goal of effective reuse, within or outside your organization. A prerequisite is the ambition and support within the organization to want to take this step.

"As long as there is a convincing vision that well-organized data is an essential prerequisite for successfully facing the future."

Laces Suite


Laces Suite

The Laces Suite applications provide your organization with the tools to get started. For example, create your own library of master data, specify requirements or procedures centrally, annotate data from documents and link it to your own library.

All with the goal of maintaining information in coherence in one place and being able to reuse it flawlessly in any place and manner desired. A major advantage of the Laces applications is that domain experts can capture the specialized knowledge themselves, without compromising the reusability of the data. IT and data specialists are needed to a limited extent as a result.

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