Publish, make your data available

  • Make data highly accessible to others
  • Highly effective reuse of data in any application
  • Less dependence on specific software vendors


Much of the information in your organization is easy to find. The question, however, is: can you apply this data properly anywhere? Is it accessible enough for others to use your information? 

There is a high level of desire for optimal use of data, in any application. Regardless of whether it is proprietary data or comes from an external source, it must be possible to be used efficiently for the purpose at hand.  Data should always be the starting point and applications should connect to it, not the other way around. 

Limitations of current situation

The data you want to use for a specific purpose is often in different sources (databases, documents, internal and external) and therefore difficult to distribute unambiguously. After all, information is not organized consistently and everywhere or simply does not mean the same thing everywhere. 

As a result, a lot of time is lost in aggregating information and making this data applicable. In addition to being highly inefficient, this is also error-prone. This frustrates many promising developments.

Publiceren, maak data beschikbaar


Desired situation

You want to bring together relevant information with the goal of: being able to apply this information in one or more applications. This means not only the smart structuring of data (see ambition 1), but also the very accessible and unambiguous disclosure of your information. You then efficiently connect both internal and external applications to this data. You embrace open standards and easily connect with the standardization in your industry, or you set the new standard yourself.

Always with the goal of making data usable with the smallest possible (time) investment and with the greatest chance of successful use.


"We can't handle the work that is coming our way, we need to organize this in a different manner. Being smarter with data is essential to this."


For whom?

For organizations that experience limitations in using data in various applications. This can play out within an organization, but certainly also if you want to share data with third parties. The call for standardization, efficiency and transparency in data exchange is growing stronger. This trend is fueled by both initiatives from governments and growing awareness in the business community. More and more often, we hear: "We can't handle the work that is coming our way, we need to organize this in a different manner. Being smarter with data is essential to this."

Do you recognize this and just as importantly, do you recognize as an organization that this is a change process? Then an important step has already been taken. The question that then follows logically is: how do we go about it?

"OK, clear, but how?"


Determine the starting point

Of course, this depends on the current situation and what data will be distributed. Does this concern data within your company, or is it other people's data from external sources? How are these data organized now? The prerequisite for doing this successfully is smartly structured data (see ambition 1). 

Whatever specific issues you have, the foundation is structuring master data. Based on this, you then take the step of making data available for use in other applications in an accessible way. 

"Making information available in an accessible manner provides great savings in time and money and reduces errors in data use."

Laces Suite


Laces Suite

With the LacesHub, part of the Laces Suite, you publish your smart data and make it easily applicable to applications. Both inside and outside your organization. Of course, you remain in charge of your data and determine who can access the published information under what conditions.

By embracing open standards, this definitively takes the step that data is always the starting point and not specific software. This greatly reduces the vendor lock-in, both for yourself and for your partners.

Our advice: Connect early and start with small steps.

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