Data models

Manage data models from a central location, make them available to others, and facilitate data exchange between databases and applications. Reduce IT investments.

  • Combine semantic and logic data models as blueprint for your software
  • Share mappings of data models to ease the effort of interfacing
  • Save time by generating off-the-shelf code for new software development

Current situation

Every application and database has a data architecture (data model), but it is often opaque. In order to exchange data between applications, multiple data models must align.

Consequence: the development and linking of different applications is often accompanied by sky-high IT investments.

"Orchestrate your IT cost effectively"



Desired situation

Manage data models from a central location and make them available online to IT specialists, software developers or partners. This significantly reduces the investments for interfacing and IT management.


For whom

Information managers and software developers design and manage data models. Automatic software code generation then allows easy application creation. This increases the efficiency of performing data model mappings, application creation and linking of applications.

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