Manage catalogs online in a central location and make your product specifications available to anyone, anywhere in their own applications.

  • Offer product catalogue managers user friendly tooling
  • Align your company standards coherently with industry standards
  • Share your product data in a scalable and directly applicable format for your clients to use

Current situation

Your product information is stored in proprietary databases. Partners need this extensive and very specific information to use in their applications. However, these are mostly different systems, than the ones you work with.

Consequence: it is very intensive to make arrangements and to make sure that your product data reaches the consumer exactly as how you have created it. This is time-consuming, maintenance-intensive, and error-prone.

"Increase conversion on product sales"


Desired situation

Manage all your product specifications online in a central location. This data is easily available for others (within or outside your company) to use in any application. You make this possible by standardizing both meaning and data exchange. 

Product catalogs can be created and maintained in various applications. However, most solutions for managing catalogs, are not suitable for publishing in an open standard. We believe in the power of Linked Data and believe that it will increasingly become the standard for data exchange.

For whom

Administrators of product catalogs record information in a structured manner in a library. This makes finding and using the catalog, in any application, much more efficient and effective. This is true both for use in internal applications, such as ERP software, and for exchanging standardized data with others' applications, websites and search engines.

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